Merry Christmas, Tinley

Over the past couple of Weeks with met Tinley Tinsel the Laplandyii Elf in charge of decorating for Christmas in Santa’s village. We’ll join her today as a little magic comes her way. First here are her tales so far in case you missed them;
1. A Tangle with Tinsel
2. Tinsel in the Laundry
3. Welcome to Mistle’s
4. Merry Malfunction

I wrote today’s story in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango — Adroit
Your Daily Word Prompt — Glorious
Ragtag Daily Prompt— Procrastinate
Word of the Day Challenge — Verklempt

Merry Christmas, Tinley!

“Seven days to Christmas. You know, Merryn we might get done early this year.” Tinley Tinsel leaned over the shining gilded-pine balustrade of Santa’s staircase in the grand dining room. Taking hold of a  frosty-looking Christmas tree, she adjusted the silvery tinsel and straightened the star. She was the most adroit of elves when it came to decorating as proved by the glorious majesty of this silver-and-gold tree.  

“Yup, the North Pole Express, the fairground, all the village streets, and workshops are done. When we finish in here we’ll be ready for Christmas.” Merryn Wreathly threw a bauble at her friend and boss, “You won’t be ready though.”

Tinley frowned, “Why won’t I be ready?”

“You promised me, by Christmas dinner this year you’d have a handsome elf by your side and you’re still single! Doesn’t do you any good to be lonely you know.”

“I know. Still, I’m quite happy as I am. I don’t want to rush into things and end up miserable.” Tinley came downstairs in time to see the train on the dining table grind to a halt. A model of the North Pole Express, it’d always travelled around the dining table. It would supply everybody with seasonings, condiments and napkins from its open-top carriages.

“Oh, Tinley. You’ll never find love with an attitude like that, you know.” Merryn finished hanging a wreath at the white marble fireplace a stepped back to admire it with the toy-filled stockings. She tossed a couple of cinnamon sticks into the flames creating a wonderful scent in the room.

“Yes, and nobodies getting condiments this year either!” Tinley tried everything she could think of but couldn’t get the train to work.

“Oh, that’s no good. We’ll have to take it to Electo.”

“Yeah, I’ll take you now. Can you finish up in here for me?” Tinley pulled a green and red shimmering cape over her matching festive green dress.

Merryn helped her free and tidy her blonde pigtails. “Sure, you go ahead. I’ll see you at dinner later.”

“Thanks, Merryn.” Tinley disconnected the train’s engine from the carriages and tucked it under her arm. Stepping into the snow-covered village, she began to whistle a Christmas Carol. It was one of those glorious bright days where the sun made everything glitter with magic.

Tinley waved to Frosta at his ice sculpting shop. There was nothing he couldn’t carve so long as he had a block of ice big enough. The village was always bustling this time of year. Every Laplandyii elf had tasks to complete so Santa could make his Christmas deliveries on time. Tinley ducked beneath an enormous roll of wrapping paper carried by two elves and bade them a good afternoon. She saw others carrying presents, pots of paint, Christmas hats and even an elf rolling a bale of hay toward the reindeer stables. Then she was at the workshop of Electo Pentius. He was Santa’s technology expert and more than good at electrocuting himself.

Lit by strings of Christmas lights, the workshop was a cheery place to be. Tinley followed the sound of hammering and muttered swearing. She found Electo thumping a computer keyboard with his fist. “Good afternoon, Sweetie. Having problems?” She announced herself with a radiant smile.

“I ah, err, Yeah, erm — blasted thing!” Electo muttered while cleaning his candy cane glasses with a bashful smile.

“Oh, dear. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m afraid, brought you another problem, as well.” Tinley indicated the train and put it on the bench beside the computer.

“I may have to go and get Terry to help me with this thing again.” Electo smoothed a hand over his chestnut braided hair and cleared his throat. “Anyway, what’s wrong with the train.”

“It was working fine and then just stopped. I tried everything I know, but I couldn’t get it working again.”

Electo wasn’t looking at the train his adoring gaze was on Tinley causing her to blush. “Not to worry. I er —I’ll have a tinker and get it working.”  

“Thank you, Electo.” Tinley kissed him on the cheek and headed for the door.

“Tinley, I …” Electo stumbled himself to silence.

She gave him a warm smile, “What is it, Sweetie?”

“Oh, er — Nothing.” Electo gave a sheepish grin and darted behind a pile of electronic equipment.

Feeling bemused, Tinley left the workshop. “Hmm, what’s he got to procrastinate about? Nutty old fruit cake; I wonder what’s on his mind.”

Hours later, Tinley sat in the dining room awaiting Santa for dinner. She was proud as punch at hers and Merryn’s work in decorating the pretty room.

“It looks stunning in here this year. Well done and thank you, Tinley.” Remarked Deering the reindeer keeper wandering by with a mug of ale.

“Thank you, Deering. Say hi to the reindeer for me.” Tinley replied as she spotted Electo entering the room with the train engine in hand. She was surprised to see him wearing a green suit. Ordinarily, he never changed out of his engineer’s overalls.

The Elven technician connected the engine to the carriages, now laden with condiments. With a quick tinker, he set the North Pole Express chugging around its track to a cheer and applause. Taking a bow, he poured two mugs of gingerbread tea. With them, he walked along the full table of chattering elves and stopped behind Tinley.

She knew he was there and had a cheeky grin as she ignored him.

“Erm … Excuse me, Tinley. C-can we chat awhile?” Electo managed. “I-I brought you some tea.”

“Hallo, Electo. Thank you for fixing our train for us.” Tinley rose and accepted her mug. “Thank you for my tea.”

“It was my pleasure,” Electo led her over to the staircase between two of the Christmas trees for a private moment.

 Tinley caught a cheery wink from Merryn and returned a suspicious look. Did she know what was going on with Electo?

“So, I … Er. Thank you for coming over to talk with me.” Electo stuttered. “I wanted to a-apologise for vanishing earlier. There’s something else as well.”

“It’s okay. What can I do for you, Sweetie?” Tinley sipped her tea and savoured the warm the gingery flavours while feeling intrigued by the technician.

“This is a tough and fearful matter for me. You see if the butterflies in my belly are wrong, I’m about to upset you. I …”

“Don’t worry. Please tell me what’s wrong so I can help.” Tinley squeezed his shoulder to calm him. “I’m sure it’ll be okay.”

“Oh, for the love of jingle-bells; why do things like this have to be so hard!” Electo took out a holly-pattened handkerchief and mopped his sweating brow.

“Electo, don’t make me tickle it out of you!”

“Okay, I won’t procrastinate any longer. Ha-hem, twenty thousand elves live here in Santa’s village. Out of all of them, you’re the only one who brings me cocoa. You always have a warm smile for me, a hug when I’m feeling miserable.” Electo took her hand. “Tinley, my heart beats a special rhythm when you’re close by. I — well … I love you,” he finished as red as Rudolph’s nose.

Tinley flushed too. She’d had a few thoughts on what might be wrong. Never had she guessed it would be this. “Aww, Electo! You’re as sweet as sugarplum candy,” she replied with sparkly eyes.

“You, er. You don’t have to love me back. I just had to tell you.” The technician’s smile faded and he became a little sombre. “I …”

Tinley chuckled, “It’s okay I—”

“No don’t feel pity for me. I’ll be okay.” Electo made to walk away.

 Tinley turned him back toward her. She removed his glasses and left him smiling as she kissed him.  “You’re the loveliest fruitcake I know, Electo,” she said when they broke apart holding hands.

“Ho-Ho-Ho! What a glorious sight. Well done, Electo, my good elf. Congratulations, Dear Tinley!” Boomed the voice of Santa coming down his staircase with his wife ahead of him. “With love blooming this should be magical Christmas!”

“Thank you, Santa.” Electo couldn’t keep still; he was verklempt with joy. “Merry Christmas, Tinley. We may have seven days to go but you just made this my best Christmas ever,” Electo took a sprig of mistletoe from the mantle and held it above her as the two shared another magical kiss.

“Aww, you’ve given me a magical present too.” Tinley began to dance with him within the glow of the lights on the Christmas tree.

Merryn sat hugging herself in delight for the new couple. “Now, Christmas is complete!”

 “Merry Christmas, Electo!” Tinley looked to room. “Merry Christmas, everybody!”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends, I really do appreciate it.

Don’t forget there’s always plenty more stories for you in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs.

Have a great day!

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  1. This could very well be a Hallmark movie! So happy for Tinley and Electo. I bet he’ll make her some really cool gadgets for Christmas. What a pair they make! Well done, Mason! I thoroughly enjoyed this read ❤

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