Rapscallion’s Genius

“The perfect crime is hard to come by. You always leave a trace for a dogged detective to find. So, how do you get away with a robbery – Simple, you do it without ever setting foot in the building during the robbery. Just watch and learn … ” words from the Rapscallion.

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango — Ingenious
Your Daily Word Prompt — Rapid
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Rapscallion
Word of the Day Challenge — Desperation

Rapscallion’s Genius

Tiberius Strom looked like a regular bald man drinking coffee in the quaint little café this evening. Dressed in his leather jacket and jeans, he sat reading the daily news on his mobile phone’s feed. He was a regular gentleman enjoying his evening. Those in the criminal syndicates knew better. They called him ‘The Rapscallion’ a rogue and a very dangerous thief. Tiberius was more than that. He was an ingenious criminal mastermind. Even now, as he savoured his macchiato, he was about to get rich while barely lifting a finger.

Just next door was a jewellery store of fair size and wealth. It closed to customers at four, yet there was about to be a rapid withdrawal.

“Let’s get this done, Danny. Remember, we need to fill these three holdalls and meet him at the warehouse. Then we get paid fifty large each.” One of two men in dark clothes and balaclavas moved along the glass counters, unlocking them with a set of keys as his partner swiped the sparklers into the bags.

“This is a bit shifty init, Mickie?” Danny examined an emerald ring in the orangey streetlight. “I mean, how comes ‘e had the keys to this place. If ‘e’s the owner, then what’s the point in robbin’ it?”

“Ah, shut up the questions! Let’s just get this done rapid-like, alright?” Mickey went behind the main counter. With Danny still filling bags with rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, he began thrusting keys into the locked door to the rear of the building.

“I bet ‘e’s on an insurance scam. ‘e’ll make a fortune when ‘e calls in the theft of this lot.” Danny fastened a Rolex to his wrist and grinned.

“What he’s up to is none of are business. We just doing the job and making some good nicker for ourselves, right? Now, we need to scarper — Right, I’m in the backroom. I’ll empty the safe.”

“Righto, Mickey. I’m almost done ‘ere. I’ll be through in a minute.” Danny allowed a handful of gold chains to hang through his fingers for a moment before depositing them in his holdall. He emptied two more cases of jewellery and stepped out the back of the shop.

Mickey had found his way into the office. He was entering the code into the large Chromoly steel door of the store’s vault. when “Got everything?” he asked as Danny appeared behind him.

“Yup, I got the bleedin’ —” metallic thud caused Danny’s neck to snap around to look for a source. Drawing a knife from his waistband, he looked back into the shop. What he saw left him sweating with desperation beneath his balaclava. “Shit! Shit! Shit! Mickey!” he yelled in a flood of panic.  

“What, man. Calm down!” Mickey hissed while loading bags of precious stones, gold coins, and small bars of precious metal into his holdall.

“Forget the pissin’ vault. The job’s just gone to ‘ell. The security bars just descended on the windows; we’re stuck!”

 “Gah! Christ sake, that’s all we bloody need!” Mickey grabbed his bag and barged past Danny to take a look. He got his nose into the shopfront and flinched as the alarms went off. “I reckon the damned vault was rigged with a hidden alarm!”

Danny slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand. “Frickin’ marvellous! Looks like the only jewellery we’ll be wearing for a while, will be silver bracelets on are bloody wrists!”

“Not, so fast.” Mickey grinned and pointed to the rear door. “That’s not barred. We can unlock it and scarper that way.”

“Well, ‘urry up then!” Danny could see the tell-tale flashes of blue lights coming through the windows. “The pigs are already ‘ere.”

Mickey tried three keys before he found the right one. He kicked the door open, grabbed his holdalls and ran into the shops’ loading areas and connecting back alleyways with Danny on his heels. “We need to dump this lot and pick it up later. We’ll never get away otherwise,” he decided as he darted around bins and made a break for freedom. Turning right he knew escape lay in the Duke’s Road beyond the red pickup at the alley entrance.

Back in a café, Tiberius Strom smiled as he watched the police vehicles pulling across the street outside. Looking at his phone, he switched off the jewellery store’s camera feeds and alarm controls. Two nights ago, he simply hacked the security system and used it to gain entry to the jewellery store. He obtained a set of keys from the vault and left as if he’d never been. One night ago, having duplicated the keys, he used the same method to return the originals and keep his plan from being discovered. Whilst there each time he removed himself from the CCTV CDs as well. A little bargaining with Danny and Mickey set them robbing the jewellery store just as planned. A press of a button had activated the security system setting the robbers running.

Now, as the police surrounded the jewellery store and entered the café, he deleted the app and put on his best-shocked expression at what was happening.

“I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, there’s been an incident next door. I have to ask you all to leave your food and drinks and go home,” instructed a police sergeant beckoning everybody.

There was a scuffle and panic as everybody tried to leave as fast as they could. Amid it all, Tiberius nodded to the sergeant and left with mock fear darkening his chiselled features. He strolled along the street, dumped his phone in a bin and made a left turn into the alleyways which passed through the shops loading areas. In no rush, he paused to watch the police dart into the back entrance of the jewellery store. The fact, the back door was unlocked made him smile. “Well done Mickey. You’re not so dumb after all.”

Tiberius didn’t linger long. Heading right, he took the alley towards Duke’s Road. His eyes zipped back and forth as he walked and looked for clues. When he arrived at the red pick-up and checked it, he threw back his head in a near-silent guffaw of laughter. “Oh, Mickey you are ingenious! I thank you for your help,” he said to himself as he unlocked the pickup and drove away.

Nearing midnight, Tiberius arrived at a block of old garages. He pulled back the tarp in the rear of a pickup and grinned at the three holdalls full of jewels and precious metals lying there. Mickey and Danny had stashed the loot without ever realising who owned the truck. Tiberius transferred the holdalls to his unassuming Sedan. Grabbing his face, he tore off the latex mask he was wearing. It revealed a shock of white-blonde hair. He reversed the pick-up back into its owner’s garage and vanished into the night.

The Rapscallion had gotten away with a fortune and without ever leaving a trace of himself at the scene. Mickey and Danny would never see him again and wouldn’t be getting paid either. They’d been the perfect pawns in his game.

 One person did get caught for the robbery. Danny was spotted wearing his stolen Rolex days later. The newspapers revealed his story of helping the bald jewellery store owner clear the place out for insurance fraud. Tiberius grinned, the owner had no clue as to what had happened, of course. He would be proven innocent and his insurance would be paid in time. Better still he wasn’t bald and neither was Tiberius. The Rapscallion stood admiring a diamond-studded heart worth almost ten grand and smiled, he knew he’d walked away with the perfect crime.  

The End

I apologise for my long stories. I somehow cant make them smaller these days. Thanks for reading my friends, I really do appreciate it. Don’t forget there’s always plenty more stories for you in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs.

Have a great day!

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  1. This was a really cool story – I think it was the perfect length, roughly the same as some of mine (if you’re interested in exploring some other tales). Longer reads can be more enjoyable when you have the time

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