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Warrior Waitress

Here’s a short story from a few months ago. Selected as a favourite by my friend and author MC Sheridan
Today I re-release it for Fandango’s Flashback Friday — November 27
I hope you like it my friends.

Warrior Waitress.

Becky had seen the torchlight passing by her university apartment window from the bus stop and new trouble lurked at home this night.

The waitress shrugged off her duffle coat, the moonlight glinting off the chopsticks in her chestnut hair. She ducked through the trees into the complex garden. Going by the crunching beneath her feet, there was an invasion of killer snails in progress – if you were a marigold anyway. Ignoring the disgusting gastropods, Becky slipped along to the apartment block door. Using her magnetic key, she let herself in. Her green eyes flitted about the dark corridor. With her coat and bag stashed beneath the stairs, she headed for her place.

Somebody was ransacking her apartment, Becky could hear them from outside. Without a thought for the danger, she went inside. There were two men rummaging through the lounge. They’d already turfed the waitress’s clothes across the floor in the bedroom. What hurt most was her special bear lying discarded by the door.

“Hi, boys.” Becky’s voice came sultry as she drew the chopsticks from her hair. “Nice night for a burglary?”

“Hello, girly. Grab her, Rimes. We’ll have her too,” said one.

“Try me,” Becky urged. “You’re cleaning my home, or I’ll clean your clocks!”

“Haha! She has jokes!” Rimes lunged for her.

Becky became a whirlwind, spinning about and beating him down with her chopsticks. She vaulted the sofa dropping the other man with lightning blows. “Now, start cleaning, boys.”

“What … Are you? A next-generation. .. hero, or something,” said the ringleader lying winded and bleeding by the door.

“Maybe. Clean my home or things will only get worse from here!” Becky grinned at a photo of her winning a martial arts medal in the bookcase. She knew those skills would prove useful one day. Kicking Rimes in the backside, she made him move.

It took the robbers an hour to repair their damage. As far as Becky knew, they never burgled a place again.

The End

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Thanks for Reading!


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