The Noise Upstairs

A tale of caution for all of us with anger and revenge on our minds. It begins with the right intentions and swiftly turns bad … Author Ashlie Harris has warned you!

You won’t like this story… the main character is petty and vindictive, the good guy dies, and the plot revolves around one passive-aggressive toilet flush…

I killed my neighbor by flushing my toilet. There’s no graceful way to explain it, really. The family upstairs seemed nice enough when they’d moved in. We’d even discussed barbecuing together in the coming Spring. The husband worked in a factory, and the wife stayed home with their two kids. I told them I worked nights and lived alone, just below them. There were no red flags or issues right off the bat. I thought I’d lucked out and gotten some decent neighbors. Once the initial pleasantries were exchanged, though – things changed.

It was almost immediate. The day they moved in it was constant stomping and creaking above my head. I had a shift that night and barely got any sleep. I gave them…

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