A New Beginning

“Sometimes even with a mind as tired as mine, an image spins words that flow and rhyme. When a story wont do a poem tells the tale.”

I wrote this poem in answer to the following prompts:
Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #93 – The image above
FOWC with Fandango —Roar
Your Daily Word Prompt — Fault
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Crown
Word of the Day Challenge — Figment

A New Beginning

I’m leaving today
Time to start a new life
This existence is not okay
I’ll start anew, end the strife

And so, I’m standing in the fog
Waiting for the future bus
I feel my stresses starting to unclog
A new beginning is coming thus

I watch the mist swirl in the trees
The vehicles swishing by with no clue
My sufferance would make them freeze
Now, I’m free. No longer a scared shrew

I stand tall and confident as I wait
My magical future is calling me forth
Changing luck, a better fate
Love and happiness awaiting, due north

As much as the fog enshrouds the street
I see everything crystal clear
The fault never laid at my feet
with a mighty roar, I dispel my fear

A figment of imagination at the start
Was the leap of faith I needed
When life gave me a broken heart
Now, I’m off to a life, less impeded

As the bus comes to a screeching stop
I shoulder my bag, victories within my scope
This will not be the shortest hop
But I’m going to the place with the brightest hope

Thanks for reading my friends and don’t forget there’s always plenty more stories for you in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs.

Have a great day.

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