Flora’s Spotlight

“The art of dancing is the most beautiful thing a person can do. I just loved trying and turn a dance into equally beautiful words.”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompt words:
FOWC with Fandango — Outcome
Your Daily Word Prompt  — Reside
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Flora
Word of the Day Challenge — Fated

Hope you like it!

Flora’s Spotlight

The red velvet curtains flooded as Laszlo and Karisha came to the end of their splendid Rumba dance. They’d been favourite to win this competition for weeks. The audience whistled and clapped their joy at the perfect routine.

“Our turn next, babe,”

“I know.” Flora dragged her eyes from the dancefloor to face her partner Ricky and smiled bashfully. She’d practised and danced with him for a couple of years now. Her nerves were beyond butterflies at this point, they were more like vultures circling in her stomach. She felt something was bound to go wrong – it was fated, she was sure.  

He stood tall, his hair dark and perfectly preened. Giving her a wink and a smile that dimpled his cheeks he said, “Relax you’ll be fine.”

Flora nodded, she allowed her eyes to inspect her stunning black and red sequined dance suit. She felt a little exposed as it revealed her entire legs and arms. Rubbing her shapely shoulders, she heard fresh applause and the signal for her and Ricky to take to the shiny floor.

“Let’s go!” Ricky took her hand and led her through the curtain.

With her heartbeat pounding in her ears and adrenaline tensing her muscles and causing her stomach to twist in knots, she forced herself to smile as she walked daintily beside him. It was then as the spotlight fell upon them it happened. Ricky let go of her hand and walked away. Panic stole her breath as she watched him disappear back behind the curtains. In full view of everyone, she had no choice but to walk to the centre of the dancefloor and take a bow alone.

“Flora and Ricky ladies and gentleman,” announced compere Ricardo Horwood looking dapper in his black tuxedo. “Err, Flora – where is Ricky? This is a duet dance you can’t perform it alone.”

Flora couldn’t help trembling abandoned in the spotlight. The silence from the crowd was absolute. If a mouse had run across the dancefloor, she was sure she’d have heard his little feet pattering across the shiny surface. “I – I. He was with me when we came out and then just left. I guess I don’t have a partner now,” She managed in a little voice while fighting back tears.

“Well, you jolly well can’t dance alone. You’ll have to forfeit,” said the compere looking sorry for her.

Embarrassment overcame her as she listened to the whisperings and titterings emanating from the audience now. “I—”

“Don’t say another word, Flora.”

Flora followed the voice to a bare-chested young dancer wearing shiny red trousers and matching ribbons about his strong biceps. He’d appeared through the curtain and was walking towards her with a purpose. She knew the handsome dancer was Darius Lorenzo. He was a solo dancing competitor – why had he come out here now?

Darius gave her a disarming smile and turned to face the compere with a bow. “Flora has a dance partner. Please start her music in two minutes,” he requested.

“As you wish.” Ricardo nodded to him and turned to the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen – Flora and Darius!”

Flora flinched at the returning applause and wiped a tear from her eyes as she watched Darius approach her. “What are you doing, you don’t know my dance?” she whispered.

Darius walked right up to and gave her a brief hug. “I saw and heard what that slug Ricky just did to you, pretty flower. Please perform your routine for me and let’s make him look the sewer rat he is. Okay?” he finished with a wink.

Flora nodded as her music began. The lights turned red and sultry and fog machines added to the drama as the Spanish inspired tune electrified the air. Taking a deep breath, she took up a strong arched back position and raised an arm.

He posed sideways, locked his eyes on her with a confident smile and began tapping a shiny dance shoe to the beat.

Flora allowed the music to flow into every cell of her body and began to move. At the right note, she dropped her arm and pirouetting into him. She sighed at the feeling of his strong torso pressing against her skin as they fell into a quickstep rhythm.

His passionate gaze never broke from her blue eyes so long as she faced him. He whisked her into the sharpest twists and turns as he flexed his powerful body with perfect precision.

Never had flora felt this level of energy from her partner. Seduced by his scent and tenacity, she relaxed with growing confidence as she sashayed and gyrated around him in perfect rhythm to the music.

The music increased its speed, he caught and sent her around the world. With full trust in him, she pounced into a majestic arabesque and lunge as she came back to the front and caught his hands.

He spiralled her aloft into a graceful handstand above his head. Holding statuesque for two rotations, she caught her breath before he powered her into the air with Herculean ease.

Every audience member gasped as she somersaulted high above the dancefloor like a shining hummingbird through the red and white light.

Darius caught her about the waist and beamed at her as they turned again.

Flora smiled at him as they came nose to nose. Catching a nod, she returned the gesture “Go for it!” Leaping in his arms she felt him catch her feet and flexed her into a backflip. Flora landed in a cartwheel and came out in a magnificent sliding lunge. In that low warrior pose, she began emotional-filled moves in waves of her hands as she beckoned him to her. Spinning her legs beneath her she backflipped to her feet and ran towards him.

Darius had been spinning like a top. Now he broke and sprinted at her. Sweat glistened in the furrows of his muscular torso and caught the light as he glided toward her on the balls of his feet. A metre away he soared into the air, fluttering her blonde tresses as she slid like a swan beneath him.

The audience applauded as the two came together in one final turn which finished with her in the splits gazing up into his eyes.

Flora was buzzing with delight as she fought to catch her breath. She beamed at Darius and kissed him on the cheek. She felt his chest heaving against her back as she rose into his arms. He turned her to face the audience and they took a bow before the cheering crowd.

“Wow! That was a fabulous outcome to what was fated to be a disaster. Ladies and gentleman Flora and Darius!” Announced Ricardo joining the applause.

Flora hugged Darius and led him towards the curtain. “That was magnificent – no, you were magnificent! Why did you do that for me?” she asked breathily, Her mind spinning with a thousand thoughts and euphoria all in one.

“You dance like twinkling sunlight upon the tranquil lake on a beautiful day. Every time I see you dance in the training hall you mesmerising me. You cause my heart and feet to dance for you. I…” Darius paused to help her through the curtains to the backstage area.

Flora blushed at his words. His besotted gaze left her feeling giddy before him. “Thank you, Darius. I …”

Darius took and kissed her hand. “No need to thank me. That rhythmically inept woodlouse betrayed you and I could never allow the audience to be deprived of your beautiful magic.”

“It was still very sweet of you to save me out there.” Flora ran a hand over his bicep and left it on his shoulder as her brows furrowed. A thought had crept into her mind. “Ricky only abandoned me, he didn’t really betray me, did he?”

, “I’m sorry, he’s abandoned you for someone else.” Darius took two bottles of water from an ice bucket and handed Flora one with a sorrowful expression.

“Thank you. Who?” Flora opened her bottle and raised it to her lips. It was then a shoulder barge into her, causing her to spill a little water down her front.

“Bravo, Flora. You always did make good of a bad situation. Now watch how it’s done.” said the owner of the rude shoulder.  

She knew it was Ricky and gave him a filthy scowl. Her gaze passed him and she gasped. He’d redressed in a grape purple outfit which matched the revealing dress of the brunette girl on his arm. Flora opened her mouth to speak but they breezed through the curtain.

“Ladies and gentlemen our last couple of the evening, Penelope and Ricky.” Announced Ricardo sounding stunned as he read the card in his hand. The audience applauded again as Flora’s music struck up for a second time that evening.

Flora peered through the curtain and watched with disdain as Penelope and Ricky went through the routine as she’d practised with Ricky.

“Abhorrent cockroach, he should be made to reside in Hades for what he’s done to you this evening, beautiful flower.” Darius took and kissed her hand again.

Flora withdrew from the curtain and gave him a pretty smile. “I don’t care. Thanks to you I still had a wonderful night. I loved our dance and I’d adore you as my partner from now on.” she put herself in his arms and lay her head on his chest. “Will you dance with me again?”

On the dancefloor, Ricky finished his routine to applause.

Darius held Flora at arm’s length and beamed at her. “That dear lady would be my pleasure.”

Flora spotted Ricky returning, she reached up and gave Darius the sweetest kiss. She felt Darius hug her to his chest as Ricky feigned being sick and stalked off angrily. Flora couldn’t help but gloat a little as she watched him leave. Whatever his plan had been, it had failed spectacularly. The best was yet to come, as although Flora didn’t win the dance contest with Darius, she finished three places higher than a sick-looking Ricky in fourth place. She was sure with Darius as her partner she’d win a medal next time.

The end

I wish to thank you for sticking with me through my trials and tribulations as an author. I’m now writing using dictation software which takes a lot longer to accomplish but I hope you’re enjoying the results.

Thanks again my friends and don’t forget there’s always plenty more stories for you in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tab.

Have a great day!

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