Finella’s Fantabulous Fable

The story was written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge – the magical picture above.

It also included the Ragtag Daily Prompt word – Fantabulous

Come join me for a magical tale …

Finella’s Fantabulous Fable

“Damn it, Sorley!” Nyx came to a complete stop in the middle of the field. She retied her plaid hoodie to her waist and groaned at the state of her muddy ankle boots and calves. “You’ve had us walking for hours. Where are you going?”

Sorley shook his long blonde curtains of hair and grinned, his Xanadu-grey eyes shining with excitement. “We’re almost there, Nyx – I promise!”

Nyx flicked her obsidian plait over her shoulder and narrowed her cat-like emerald eyes at him. “We better be!”

Sorley laughed and pointed. “We’re going to the cabin on the hill.”

Nyx walked up to him, nimbly jumping over furrows along the way. She gazed beyond his outstretched hand and took in the log cabin perched upon a mudstone-paved hill. It looked enchanting below the darkening indigo and orange sunset sky. It was framed in silhouette trees and might have been ordinary had it not been for the deep sloping roof giving it an oriental-pagoda feel. She tilted her head to the side. “What’s so special about it?”

“Well, Finnela’s Fantabulous Fables says—”

“Ha!” Nyx cut him off with a guffaw of laughter. “That’s a kid’s fairy-tale book, It’s not real —”

Sorley poked her nose and grinned.

Nyx gave him a cute yet nettled look.

“Smile! This is an adventure. I found something hidden in the Finnela’s Fantabulous Fables that says something magic will happen up here this dusk.”

Nyx pulled a face, “I need some convincing.”

Sorley took her hand in his. “Come on, then!”

“Waa! Hey – slow down!” Nyx hurried to keep up with him as he bounded over a little picket fence. He helped her over and then almost dragged her up toward the cabin.

“Don’t you feel it?” Sorley said as they stepped into the shadow of the cabin. From here it was clear a set of five wooden steps ran the circumference of the cabin. Another nod to oriental building design.

“No — you grabbed my hand so tight you made my fingers go numb!” Nyx pouted and rubbed her hand making her bead bracelet clatter. She had to admit it though, a blue iridescence was beginning to make the air sparkle. Although the stars were twinkling into existence overhead, they were not the cause.  

“It’s happening!” Sorley yelled.

Nyx flinched. “Oh, Sorley. For goodness sake, will you calm down!” she complained. “You maa-look!” Nyx gaped as she watched the cabin’s walls vanish. A pair of golden dragon’s heads curled up from the ground and settled atop the steps. Their serpentine tails curling around the cabin and entwining at the back.

“Wow!” Sorley’s face turned blue as a mystical silvery tree glowed into being upon the cabin between the dragons. Its foliage pulsed with neon blue-and-green lustre.   

“What’s happening!” Nyx felt it beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

The dragons blew forth pyres of purples flames and fell still.

“Finnela was right, this is fantabulous.” Sorley managed as the earth beneath his boots began to luminesce in that same neon blue.

Nyx couldn’t stop a shriek escaping her fear dried lips. She jumped off the light and watched it arc and flow out from the cabin. It followed the mudstone-paved markings creating beautiful ammonite fossil spirals and branching tendrils which grew in mesmerising fashion around the cabin.

“Awesome!” Sorley punched the air in delight as if he were taking in a regular fireworks display.

Nyx felt very warm as if she were being hugged by a bear. It drained away her fear and left her awe-struck. “This is so beautiful.” she managed as her feet started sliding forward of their own accord. “What’s happening!”

Sorley was sliding too. “I don’t know but I think we’ll be fine.”

The too slid up the steps and passed the dragon’s whose large golden heads turned to follow them. The force took them inside the cabin and brought them to a stop upon pure white mats.

It was there the blue iridescence returned spiralling all around their bodies.

Nyx watched her boots, hoodie, shorts and t-shirt vanish and replace themselves with a thigh-length white-and-gold dress with all the hallmarks of a ninja garb. Her beaded bracelet remained, it fizzed with energy as did the beads holding her plait. She looked across at Sorley. He stood engrossed in a pair of powerful-looking bracers upon his wrists. He too was attired in a white and gold ninja-style outfit.

Sorley looked at her and grinned like a stupid schoolboy. “Suddenly, I feel like a superhero,” he said.  

“Nyx and Sorley, I thank you for solving the clues in my fables. I have been waiting for you for hundreds of years.”

Nyx focused on the centre of the room and gaped.

A woman had appeared hovering a foot above a third mat. Her glowing blue robes flowed about her as if alive.

“Erm, he solved the clues – not me.” Nyx gulped. “Can, I go now?”

“Relax, dear, Nyx. You are in no danger here,” said the woman smiling divinely.

“Good to know,” Sorley said. “You are, Finella. But what is this place?”

“This is the temple of the Tree of Life. It is here, nature began millennia ago. The human race is on a course for a terrible extinction event. Now you, my son and my daughter; will go forth and change the Earth’s destiny.”

“But we’re orphans. Our parents died – in – a – car…” Nyx faded to silence.

“In every generation, I’ve given birth to two special children. Marini at the orphanage always ensures they have my fables. Finally, Nyx, Sorley you’ve solved my puzzle and come back to me.” Finella opened her arms emitting warming light. A cuddle of amazing energy.

“Wow! Okay.” Nyx took a deep breath. “How do we change the earth?”

Finella waved a sparkling hand.

Nyx watched an earthenware pot grow from the ground before her. It glowed with the same swirl pattern as outside. Sorley had received a pot too. Nyx noticed a seed sitting in the middle of her pot. She looked from it to Finella.

“Yes, touch the seed. Give it your love and imagine what it will come,” Finella urged with a serene nod.

Nyx crouched before her pot and scooped her seed into her hand with a little earth. “Come on, pretty seed, live!”

It did, a green shoot became and stem. Leaves unfurled as the plant grew rapidly in size.

Nyx swiftly made a hole in her pot and placed the plant’s root inside. Moving on instinct she began to stroke its leaves. She looked across to Sorley, he too was giving his plant life and love.

Soon the plant gave out golden-yellow buds which broke open revealing magnificent yellow flowers.

“I love this,” Nyx said smelling her blooms with the biggest smile.

“These are but simple, sunny dahlias. You Nyx and you Sorley are imbued with the power of nature. From this day forward you are my Eco-Warriors.”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs.

Have a great day!

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  1. This gave me vibes of one of my favorite Netflix shows, The Magicians. The main character uses an old fairytale-esque book to find clues about the magical world of Fillory. I could definitely see you expanding on this one. There’s so much to play with already. I nearly forgot I was reading your story and kept finding myself wanting more! Well done!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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