Scare-fest – A Menagerie of Terrifying Tales

Happy Halloween 2020 my friends. Join me for an all hallows treat. I bring you Scare-fest – a series of the most haunting, scary and bone-chilling tales from my Menagerie.

Lets begin shall we (Sinister laughter breaks out with a flash of lightning) Click a stories link below – if you dare!


A traditional scare as four friends venture to a haunted church on Halloween night and soon wish they hadn’t.

Natalie and Larry Dawson – Ghost Hunters
1. Ghost Trapped 
2. Paranormal Museum
3. The Cursed Cabin
4. Help the Haunted

Follow brave ghost-hunters Natalie and Larry as they take on cases of creepy hauntings and try to aide both the living and dead – AAARGH! WATCH OUT! IT’S BEHIND YOU!!! 👻

The Demon’s Plaything

The demon lurks upstairs, preventing you from sleeping. It’s sinister laughter taunting from above. Then – It thunders downstairs to get you!

The Phantom Hospital

Imagine going to bed in a nice safe hotel room only to awaken in a dilapidated, terrifying old hospital. A creepy place haunted by a sinister presence. That’s the nightmare awaiting young Annabel.

Uncanny Wax

Working in a waxworks can be creepy. All those wax figures following you with their eyes. What if one of them tried to kill you?

Jessie’s Escapade

Forced into an eerie abandoned house in the woods by her friends, Jessie quickly realises she’s not alone. Spirits come for her and not all are friendly – will you step into the haunted house with her?

Nightmare Reflection

Ever feel eyes watching you from the mirror? No – you’re not imagining it. The presence is real and it wants your body!

Thank you for joining me for a scary tale or a few. I hope I chilled your spine, and covered you in a goose bump or two as your hair stood on end.



Just kidding! Happy Halloween my friends.

17 thoughts on “Scare-fest – A Menagerie of Terrifying Tales

Add yours

    1. Hello, Dora. Thank you for the comment. I hope you like my tales.

      I’m doing very little typing and such. I’m not getting much better though. I tried using diction and it doesn’t understand me though. So, I’m staying as upbeat as I can and looking for options now.

      Hope you’re doing okay.


    1. Hey! Glad you’re enjoying my stories. maybe I will reblog some.

      I’m doing okay but hands arent healing. I’ve been trying to use diction technology to little success but I’ll nake something work eventually.

      All the best to you.

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