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Packing the Case

This poem was written for Pensitivity 101’s Three Things Challenge #351

Today’s three Prompt’s are: Case, Socks, Soap

Here’s something fun for you.

Packing the Case

I’m holidaying, going to the beach

Sun, sand and sea within my reach

But first I have to pack my case

Got to choose wisely, not much space

Suntan lotion’s a must—SPF thirty

Socks, oh, soap in case I get dirty

I’ll need swimming trunks and shorts

Oh, the stress of travelling through airports

I’m going to Ibiza; it’s going to be hot

Sunglasses, hat is that the lot

I’ll need, my shaver and some shirts

A jumper just in case, she’ll want some skirts

The wife would pack everything in sight

Every pair of socks we own and the bedside light

She’d pack the computer and half the bookcase

Wifey means well, but she always overfills the case

That’s why I’m packing the case this time

Argh! No boxer – that would be a crime

Did I pack socks and soap already – yes

Oh, brother; this packing is such a mess

I got my PJs and her dressing gown

I added nice outfits for hitting the town

The case is all packed, let’s get on the jet

Wait! You couldn’t have packed everything yet

Sure, I did I got the blooming lot

Let me check, there’s something you forgot

Why? Come on let’s get in the car

No shaving foam, you didn’t pack me a bra!

Told you, she’ll bring the whole house

She’ll pack every brick, the sink and computer mouse

All I want to do is hit the beach with a rum twist

Packing right is a myth, something will always be missed!

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs. There’s also poetry here in Poetry Corner

Have a great day!


18 thoughts on “Packing the Case

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    1. Thank you!
      Agreed, I always go for simple holidays. I love true camping. I take my knife, fire starter, a tarpaulin and a couple days food, and a map. I forage up everything else I need where I’m camping.


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