A Dark Past Reignited

This story was written for the Ragtag Daily Word prompt word – Again.

Here’s what I came up with…

A Dark past Reignited

“Again! Again! – Do it again, Daddy!” six-year-old Kynlee squealed and waved her free arm as she whizzed in circles on the slowing merry-go-round.

“Okay, sweetie – Kai, careful on the slide!” Nick grinned at his son who was a couple of years old than his sister. “Ready?”

“Go, Daddy!” Kynlee yelled.

“Can’t you make a blog on that thing.” said a gravely male voice.

Nick set his daughter spinning upon the yellow painted apparatus again. He faced the newcomer, taking in the scar running from chin to cheek, with a disdainful glare. The man was a face from the past, the father didn’t wish to revisit. “Hello, Roman. Can’t say I’m pleased to see you.”

“Feeling’s mutual.” Roman opened his leather jacket revealing a Sig Sauer in his waist belt. “You know what I want.”

Nick stopped the Merry-go-round. “Kyn sweetie, go and play on the slide with your brother for a minute, okay.”

“Okay, daddy.” The little girl jumped down and ran a little dizzily to the pirate ship slide.

“You must be proud,” Roman remarked with sickening nonchalance.

“I told Maddox and now I’ll tell you again. I don’t have it.” Nick stepped right up to the taller man. “Now, if you take a hike for about a mile in that direction; you’ll walk clean off the pier and I won’t have to see your mug again.”

 Roman shook his head in a slow and deliberate manner. “Maddox knows you have it. You have thirty minutes to produce it or you get to choose which of your children you bury.”

“Have you been shoving dry ice up your arse, Roman?” Nick clenched his hands into fists. “There are not many other ways to make some as cold-hearted as you.” He turned and walked toward the slide.

Roman laughed in his insidious dry way. “Thirty minutes or I send Kai or Kynlee to hell. You know where to bring it.” Roman made to leave and stopped in his tracks. “I wonder – which of your offspring will you sacrifice?”

Nick answered with silence. He took his children home and left them safe with their mother, Toni. A call to a friend also ensured an armed guard was hiding nearby although Nick didn’t tell Toni that.

He jumped in his Mustang with a steel briefcase and drove to an old wood-clad boatshed at the docks.

Roman was waiting for him. This time he was making no attempt to conceal his weapon. The Sig Sauer was in his left hand and held pointing at the car.

Nick alighted with the case. “Well, I know it’s a shit day when I have to see your ugly face twice.”

“Ha! Always with the jokes,” Roman drawled.  “The boss is inside.”

Nick walked past the hitman and felt a hand clamp on his shoulder. He turned to see Roman brandishing a smartphone.

“Just some insurance.”

Nick saw his children playing in the lounge at home on a live feed. He could tell a long lens camera was being used. As he watched a red laser dot traced a line across his daughter’s chest. Mercifully, she seemed not to notice as she lined up her brother’s cars on the floor.

“A sniper!” Nick took a deep breath. “You stinking, slimy pile of flotsam.”

Roman laughed.

Nick entered the boatshed. An old fishing trawler lay scuttled in the water within the ‘U -shaped’ internal dock. Nick remembered using it to complete a mission aboard one of the North Sea oil rigs once. Only the wheelhouse of the decaying vessel reached above water now.

“Thank you for coming, Nick.”

Nick ignored the feminine voice and glanced about the boat shed. Nobody else appeared to be inside.

“I’m over here.” The blonde woman waved a hand holding a cigarette.

“Francine Maddox, how kind of you to ruin my life again,” Nick remarked as coolly as possible.

“I’m not doing anything. Roman and his friend will ruin your life if you disobey me though.” Francine put a hand forward. “Give me the case.”

“It’s not in the case, Francine.” Nick clicked the latches and let it fall open revealing it to be empty.

“What! Roman, get in here!”

“I told again and again. The safe was empty; I did not take anything from within it. I don’t have the data sticks because they were never there.”

“Oh, Nick. Game time,” said Roman coming in. “Are we shooting precious little Kynlee or the handsome young Kai?”

Nick ignored him and looked at Francine. “I never lied or deceived you – and you know it!”

Francine discarded her cigarette with an angry flick. “You always were a screw-up, Nick.  Roman kill K—”

A phone beeped in a message.

“Err — Oh, shit!” Roman lifted his eyes from his phone looking panicked.

Nick grinned. “Problems?”

“What is it, Roman?” Francine demanded to know.

“The message came from Cobb’s phone. He’s dead.” Roman snarled at Nick.

Nick grinned, “Aww, did your sniper die. So, sorry for your loss.”

“How?” Roman demanded to know.

“You talk too much,” Nick revealed.

“He’s wired!” Francine realised “Shoot—”

Nick saw Roman raise his gun. He threw himself forward rolling toward the big hitman. Swinging the open case, he cracked it against Roman’s gun hand.

Two shots rang out and Francine screamed.

“Oh, shit!” Roman gulped as his flaying boss.

Francine grabbed her chest, fell off the dock and splashed into the water.

“Good shooting, hotshot!” Nick swung the case again.

Roman seized, tore it in two and hurled the bits in different directions. “Now., I’ll tear you apart and I’m still going to kill your family!”

“Aww, diddums. Da poor hitman’s pissed off, now.” Nick took two running steps and leapt into the air. He kicked off the wall, spun and blasted the big man in the mouth with a heel kick.  

Roman staggered.

Nick aimed a kick at his stomach.

Roman seized his shoe and swung him into the wall with all his might. The old boards splintered letting more daylight in.

Wracked with pain, Nick rolled away from savage kick and tripped the hitman down. Rising with a hand about his waist, he wiped oozing blood from his mouth.

“I’ll make you shark food!” Roman threatened, levelling his gun again.

Nick was already moving, and twisting right passed the gun. A shot went off close to his ear. He gasped but kept going as he slammed an elbow into Roman’s jaw. Always moving, he seized the gun and sent him crashing into a bench. Old tools clattered to the concrete floor. Red and yellow boat fenders cascaded everywhere and bounced away.

Roman seized and hurled one.

Nick instinctively threw up the wrong hand. The fender smashed into the gun knocking it into a corner.

“Now, we’re even,” Roman said with a sneer.

“Yup, now I can’t shoot your teeth out. I’ll have to punch them out instead.” Nick beckoned.

Roman came deflecting punches and grabbing his opponent by the shoulders.

Nick took a sickening headbutt and found himself flying into the wall. More boards shattered under his weight and then he was on his knees gasping for air.  

“How does that feel?” Roman jeered.

Nick’s hands closed on something with the thickness of a broom handle.

Roman stalked over to his fallen prey and felt the oar crash into his groin.

Feeling Merciless, Nick landed an uppercut with the hefty rowing implement. The blow knocking Roman on his back. “Oar, buddy – I bet that hurt. Nobody threatens my children without paying for it.”

Roman roared like a man possessed. He was missing several teeth now, but he pounded the concrete and rose to fight on.

Nick turned martial artist, hitting the man in the stomach, ribs and legs before he could react.

Roman was unconscious on his feet and wobbling like a grotesque jelly. He saw a flash of wood and blanched.

Spinning like a top, Nick busted the oar over the hitman’s face. He sailed off the dock, obliterating the trawler’s wheelhouse windows. He came to a rest lying over the old ship’s wheel.   

Nick made sure both he and Francine would cause him no more trouble. He retrieved the gun with a gloved hand. Returning to his car, he took a can of petrol from the boot and doused the building. Then having shot the can he hurled it toward Francine’s floating body and torched the building.

The following day he watched a news report on the burned-out boatshed. Police had deduced that the two known criminals inside had fought each other. During the battle, the male had somehow shot the other through the fuel can and ignited the building. Nick smiled at his happy children knowing their lives would never be at risk again.  

Nick’s life, however — Well, his wife Toni wanted to know about his cuts and bruises. So, she might just kill him yet!

The End

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories and poems to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 and Poetry Corner tabs.

Have a great day!

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