A Realtor’s Lies

This poem is for the Ragtag Daily Prompt word : Connection

Here’s what I came up with …

A Realtor’s Lies

The knock at my office door maybe me jump. “Come in!” I rubbed my tired eyes and tried to look in control.

“Alex, the meetings in twenty-minutes. Are you ready to seal the deal?” asked my boss Tracey, looking excited.

“I’ve almost got it done,” I lied – there was no chance I was ever going to be ready for the blasted meeting.

“Good, don’t screw this up,” Tracey gave me a stern look.

“It’s going to be perfect.” ‘Why me?’ I hated lying but for now, I didn’t know what else to do.

“Excellent.” Tracey grinned and left the office.  

I let out a sighing breath and slumped at the desk. All the paperwork spread before me meant nothing now. I was supposed to be selling a complex of apartments worth millions to a big developer. Everything had been perfect until I received the email on my screen. If I were to keep my honesty and integrity, I couldn’t sell it now.

The minute hand ticked around toward meeting time. All to quick for my liking as I sat staring at the email trying – wracking my brains – to find a way around the disaster which would cost me my job.

Then it was meeting time. Feeling like a man walking to face his execution, I gathered my paperwork and headed down the corridor.

“You look nervous, everything alright?” asked Tracey meeting me.

‘Nervous! I feel as sick as a dawg!’ “I’m fine, let’s do this,” I answered keeping up my untruthful façade. I led the way, entering the conference room.

Two men were already at the big white glass table. They looked rich decked out in Italian suits.

Both rose as I came in and dropped my folder of papers all over the floor and my shoes. ‘Damn it!’ I cursed myself as I knelt to retrieve everything. “Good afternoon, gentleman. Sorry about this, I’ll be right with you.”

“Get it together!” Tracey hissed in my ear. “Gentleman please sit ad be comfortable. Mr Hammersmith, I have coffee on its way for you.”

“Much obliged, Ms Sedgley. I trust the complex stacks up as you told me it would?”

“But of course. We only do deals with honesty and integrity here.” Tracey replied shaking their hands.

I followed suit and then took my place beside the big showcase screen. I logged it in and brought up a photo of the complex taken from a sunny spot on the roadside. The place required a complete upgrade and overhaul which was why it was such a lucrative deal. Shame it was hiding a massive deal-breaking secret.

“Well, there she is. What a pretty pile of bricks. What were the final figures, please?” Asked Hammersmith fixing me with a steely look.

 ‘It looks like a pile of crap,’ I thought as I swallowed the truth and prepared to lie again. “The numbers look amazing. One-hundred apartments in the complex – each with a two-hundred-and-fifty grand minimum value. That’s a total minimum sale price of twenty-five million when renovated and sold. All yours for one-million pounds on the dot.”

Hammersmith whistled. “Well, those are really pretty numbers.” He smiled with dollar signs almost flashing in his eyes.

‘If only you knew how ugly it was.’ I swallowed. “The seller is happy to close at the million. We have his written authority to finish the transaction here. If you’re happy to purchase the complex it can be yours today.”

Hammersmith and his associates went into a quiet discussion as the coffee arrived courtesy of Tommy our receptionist.

Tracey looked at me and nodded. I was doing well in her eyes.

“Before we sign the papers.” Hammersmith focused on me again. “We had you do architectural surveys. Have those been completed?”

“Yup, those have all been completed. The results arrived this morning and all look gr—” the lie hit my lips and I bit it back feeling sick. I walked toward the door shaking my head.

“Alex, you okay?” Tracey asked.       

I left the room with her right behind me. “I can’t do it.”

“Do what?” Tracey hissed.

“Tell lies.”

“What?” Tracey gawped.

“The architectural reports are no good.” I held my stomach and forced the bile burning its way to my mouth down again.

“What! Get in there and make the deal or I’ll fire you!” Tracey became angry and shoved me toward the door.

I shook my head and entered the room. “Sorry, gentleman. I had a little nausea there for a moment.”

“Sorry to hear that. Maybe you should go home after we conclude business.” Hammersmith said with genuine concern.

“I’ll see that he does.” Tracey smiled at him —glared at me.

I returned the furious look. “Mr Hammersmith, we pledge to be honest in all our dealings. To sell with integrity and to be genuine in all we do.” I swallowed. Tracey would fire and then murder me in a few minutes!’ “That’s why I cannot allow you to buy this complex.”

“Why on Earth not?” asked Hammersmith knitting his eyebrows in confusion.

‘You’re dead!’ mouthed Tracey.

“I’m sorry but the architectural report was terrible. The whole complex is suffering from subsidence and many of the walls are crumbling as a result.” I handed over the report. “You’d need to spend several million to correct the issue. Maybe even demolish the complex and rebuild.”   

“Well, now. What a horror show. I wish to thank you for telling me the truth about this place. I do love an honest realtor.”

“M-maybe we can sell you something more profitable, sir,” Tracey said trying to salvage something.  

“Of course.” Hammersmith looked at me. “Have this deal put on hold for me. I’d like to send a team into the complex to ascertain exactly what needs to happen. We’ll crunch the numbers and see what’s worth doing from there.”

“My pleasure, sir,” I said.

“Thank you. Tracey, I’d promote this young man if I were you. Honesty like this should be rewarded.”

“I will see to it personally,” Tracey replied.   

And so I survived my execution and several days later, I sealed the same deal with Mr Hammersmith once he’d decided the remediation work was worth undertaking. I proved honesty is always the best policy.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs. There’s also poetry here in Poetry Corner

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