Castle Assault

This story was written in answer to Fandango’s One Word Challenge. Word – ‘Somewhere’

This story also includes the Your Daily Word Prompt word – ‘Repudiate’

Here’s what I came up with …

Castle Assault

The mission to take the alpine castle from the enemy had been a failure from the start. The enemy had somehow known about the planned parachute insertion. The moment the plane got within range of the 30mm flak guns they shot it down.

Corporal Harry Innes had managed to parachute out along with some of his regiment. The journey down had been a horror show, most of his friends, his brothers had been shot before they could get below the reach of the guns.

Somehow Harry had made it, just to be grabbed by enemy soldiers. As a result, he was now imprisoned somewhere below the castle within its cavernous dungeon. They’d beaten him up and left him wearing nothing but his undershorts. He was shivering with cold and a mass of bruises. Despite all the happened, Harry refused to repudiate on the mission. He would not accept it failed and for his fallen brothers, he was going to fight until he succeeded.

He was already making his first play. Laying with his back to the barred door. Twice a day his jailor brought him bread and water. Footsteps told him it was time for the evening meal.

“Grub’s up, corporal meathead,” he said with a jeering laugh.  

Harry said nothing, waiting until he placed his hands under the bar to slide the plate inside. Like a coiled viper, he struck; grabbing wrists, yanking and bludgeoning the guard against the bars. Three heavy clangs reverberated through the dungeon.

“Bedtime, meathead.” Harry reached through the bars and took the man’s keys. Gritting his teeth against his injuries, he groaned to his feet and let himself out of the cell.

Wasting no time, he stripped the guard and dressed in his army fatigues and gear. “No hard feelings, but your hotel sucks.” Harry smiled as he checked the clip of the guard’s Steyr 9MM handgun. Full—that went into his waistbelt. The guard was dragged into and locked in the cell and Harry was away.

He jogged along the caverns, searching for the steps. None of the other cells were occupied, Harry knew then he was the only survivor.

Finding the stone steps, he jogged up two at a time. The passage led to a rudimentary kitchen. A cauldron of something stew-like was bubbling in a sizeable fireplace. A soldier stood chopping meat at the table.

Harry sprinted across the room, jumped feet first and slid under the table. He went through the guards’ legs, grabbed and drove him down —bouncing his head off the tabletop. A chokehold finished him off and Harry moved on again.

The corridor bordered an inner courtyard. Platoons of soldiers were marching about, others stood on guard at various iron-studded oak doors.

“I can’t take this many people down alone.” Harry glanced about and smiled. In the centre of the courtyard was a large stack of crates and barrels. Fuel and munitions. Apparently, they’d just received a delivery and weren’t in a hurry to store it safely inside the castle.

Harry jogged along the corridor, being sure to duck beneath courtyard windows. A soldier appeared ahead. Harry ducked into a room, “Toilets!”

A solider was relieving himself.

Harry seized, turned and cracked him in the nose. Finishing him off nice and quietly, he left him slumped in the cubical. Back at the door, he waited for the patrolling guard to pass the door. Harry decked and yanked him inside the toilets. Another chokehold ended his battle swiftly.

Now, Harry had an MP40 machine gun. On the run again, he discovered it made a good club as he despatched two more soldier’s caveman style. Entering a storeroom, he took a long length of rope, rigged a few grenades and left. Coming upon a turret door, he dashed in and raced up the spiral staircase onto the roof. The view of the snow-capped, grey rock mountains was stunning over and between the castellations.

The 30MM flak guns required two soldiers to load and fire them. Both were stood smoking and paying no attention to anything thanks to the lack of danger.

Harry crept right behind them, “My, what a big gun you have boys,” he whispered, nodding to the large and imposing flak cannon. “Smoking too close to crates of explosives can be bad for your health!”

“Why?” The first turned, gaped and took a Steyr round to the heart. He let out a silent scream and thumped to the floor.

Harry seized the other soldier and sent him flying off the turret. “Idiot! It’s safer to walk out the front door!” he breathed as the guard fell a hundred feet to his death. Harry took a stick hand grenade from the waist belt of the shot soldier and pulled out his shoelaces. Keeping low he walked over the outer castellation and tied off the rope. Reaching the flak gun and its crates of 30mm shells he went to work.

There were guards in many places along the walls. The crates and castellations were all that stopped Harry being seen. He swiftly tied the grenade to a couple of shells and grinned. “Time for a party!”

“Or a funeral!” said a soldier suddenly standing over him.

“That works.” Harry hurled his IED at him.

The soldier panicked and grabbed one of the shells.

Harry punched him hard in the groin and bounded to his feet. He jacked his jaw with two more hard punches and choked him out. IED in hand, he crept to the revetment overlooking the courtyard.

“One chance, Harry. Miss and it’s game over,” he breathed while ensuring the grenade had a fuse. They were good at accidentally detonating and so often didn’t have fuses until it was time use them. This one was good to go.

Saying a prayer, Harry looked to the sky, engaged the grenade and hurled it and the shells over the wall. Bounding to his feet he ran around the gun, vaulted the wall, wrapped the rope around him and began to abseil. He got about three-feet when the grenade detonated. A solid whumpf was felt throughout the castle.

Harry bounced down the wall as fast as he could. A lightning flash erupted out of the courtyard as several tons of explosives and fuel sent a pyre of flames boiling into the sky. The air was filled with pops and bangs as explosives around the castle were caught and detonated in the blast. The violence was permeated with screams and earth-shaking bangs.   

“That woke them up!” Harry grimaced, he ran out of rope and fell thirty feet bouncing and rolling into the valley. Above him, two allied bombers flashed across the sky and unleashed more carnage. Harry’s explosion had been a signal and mark for a planned bomb drop.

“Victory! For you, my fallen brothers!” Harry thumped his chest as he limped away along the valley toward an extraction point somewhere in the valley below.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs.

Have a great day!

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