A Spooky Fact

This Poem was written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August #24

Today’s Prompt is: A Fun Fact

My Fun Fact: I was a ghost hunting teenager

The Silver Cross Story

True story: I’m seventeen and I’ve been ghost hunting with a little crew of friends in Norwich for a couple of years. We have a spiritualist medium in our group, called Rose. She’s amazing, we’d blindfold Rose at the pub where we always met before an investigation and then take her to the location. She’d have no prior knowledge but give us spot-on information every time.

This particular evening we arrive at the Norwich Puppet Theatre (Pictured) and get out of the cars. Rose is talking about a monk and an old lady who loves puppets before we even get to the front door. We go in do our initial walkaround with Rose to get her spirit guide information and then settle down.

Our ritual was to sit somewhere in the building and just have tea and chat after the walkaround. We felt it allowed any spirits to come close and see we were a friendly bunch before we started work. We sat in the modern atrium for our tea. This was where guests would come and sit before a show. The round room above was for the theatre workers to rest too.

To begin we all took divination crystals on black threads. Mine was always a black labradorite crystal in a silver cage. I love dogs so I was always drawn to it by name. We always began an investigation this way; using the crystals like pendulums. We’d ask true and false, yes and no questions of the spirits and watch for changes in the crystals swing. If we made a connection we had a game to play. Our leader John would always go to the location earlier in the day and hide some of those large 1960s copper pennies around the place.

I got my connection and set off into the dully lit puppet theatre alone. I could see eyes everywhere from the puppets hanging all over the former church walls. From the moment I walk into the auditorium, the former church aisle and altar, I no longer feel alone. Its like I have a hand on my shoulder guiding me. Asking my questions, I swiftly find a coin among the seats and then another on the little stage.

I’m enjoying myself by the time the team recover all twelve hidden coins. We sit down in the atrium again and chat about what we feel. Then its time for a proper walk around. This is the 90s so we don’t have posh gadgets. We have Dictaphones for EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and those twisty torches to experiment with.

Light’s out! We split into pairs and go and see what we can discover. Its during that time Rose thanks ‘my little follower’ for watching over me. Sally and I go and sit in the auditorium to do our recordings. After a while of calling out she wants a cigarette, so she takes the Dictaphone to playback. And leaves me alone in the dark. A hand on my nose is invisible in here, its that dark! It’s not long before either the darkness plays tricks on me or I see a gently glowing, white-hooded monk walking along the stage. To this day as a sceptic without proof, I don’t know what really happened.

Its 1AM by the time we all meet again. Two of the lads are freaked out because their torches kept coming on and going off to their requests. I wish I had their footage to show you it was awesome!

We all have tea and coffee and a rest. Its while doing that the fun really begins. Footsteps race across the floor of the room above. We know nobody’s up there and it sends shivers down our spines. I grab a torch and run upstairs with Sally. Nothing – not a sight, sound or anything aside from the dust motes twinkling in the torch light.

Back downstairs, Rose is feeling spirits. She decides its time for a Ouija board session. We never used the proper boards — those things are cursed, creepy and dangerous. We had a couple of tables with glow-in-the-dark letters and numbers around the edges and a half-pint glass each for the plectrums. We gathered around the tables and held hands. It was important to us to open with a prayer and some words of protection from Rose. She’d never sit at the tables. Instead she’d roam the room doing her thing to protect us and bring the good spirits to talk.

So, fingers on glasses — we begin. The other table has very little happening. Our glass begins vibrating and then moving in tiny circles. Trust me when I say none of us were moving it. The energy was coming from and pushing the inside of the glass. “Do you have a message for us?” we ask. The glass reacts and moves to the edge of the table and stops on letters, spelling out:


One of the gentleman at our table gasps. He is going to buy a green car in the morning. Of course now he’s thinking otherwise.

The glass stops spelling words and goes bonkers, spinning like a top. We tell it to calm down and ask if it has more questions. By now the other table has given up and they’re all watching us. We get a second message:


Oh shit! I’m the only M in the room. Nobody else at the table even has an ‘M’ in their name! That worries me, just a touch.

The glass falls silent. We thank the spirits for their messages and time. Rose shuts the session down and does her closing blessing ritual to ensure we let nothing bad enter and to ensure nothing would follow us home. We did a few more vigils, tried scrying in an old church mirror. We did psychic handwriting but nothing more notable happened. We all go home as the sun comes up.

Later that afternoon the chap who was going to buy the car is on the phone.

“Get the news on!” he says in shock.

I do, the news shows a car crash involving a green car. The very same green car he was going to buy has crashed and the new owner is dead! The Ouija session had just saved his life.

Well, I go straight down the city the next morning and buy me a silver cross. I haven’t taken it off since! Aside from when I had my neck surgery, anyway. It went back on the second I woke up — I tell you!

The actual cross, photographed around my neck. It wasn’t coming off for a picture!

So there you have it a fun fact and a fun, true story to go with it. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs. There’s also poetry here in Poetry Corner

Have a great day!

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  1. Great story, Mason. Of course, I don’t believe in spirits or the afterlife, so I think that Rose put you all in a hypnotic state that made you susceptible to her suggestions. But maybe I’m wrong and there are spirits and there is an afterlife. I guess, if there is, I’m kinda screwed. Oh well.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I always remained sceptic. I could make people feel like there was other people in the room when there wasn;t by playing certain infrawaves through a speaker. So I know most is explainable. That car wasn’t though. That was freaky.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There are so many things we don’t understand about the way this world works. What a powerful experience. I’d definitely be walking around with a wide-open mind after that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It sure was, I’ll never forget that night.

      It’s always wise to listen to and heed warnings I think. They’re seldom giving in jest.

      Thank you for reading my story I appreciate it.


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