Niles’ Sting

This story was written for Pensitivity 101’s Three Things Challenge #334

Today’s threes Prompt’s are: Drink, Punch, Kick,

I also chained in the Ragtag Daily Prompt word – Surviving

I came up with a bit of fun for you today …

Niles’ Sting

Niles had made a cardinal mistake in London. He was sat outside a café enjoying a latte with his expensive mobile phone and wallet in full view on the table. There were a few parked cars along the street and the River Thames beyond the footpath on the other side. Above it the cities famous skyline including the Shard tower looked magnificent against the clear blue sky. A moped rumbled by and made a left turn ahead.

To look at Niles you’d see an obese, unfit guy in need of a gym. Wearing a plain t-shirt and glasses, he had the appearance of someone who spent most of their time eating fast food in front of the television or computer screen.

Niles sipped his coffee while watching the world go by. He waved at the lady with the poodle strolling by and chatted with the café’s server as she cleaned some tables. It was the sound of a moped revving along the road which excited him. It was the same one as before.

Finishing his drink, Niles prepared himself.

The moped thundered up the curb, raced at him. It’s cunning rider reaching for the valuables on the table.

“Gotcha! Niles threw a punch, catching him in the collarbone. He seized his leather jacket and hurled him over the bonnet of a car. As his moped tumbled along the path, the rider smashed into the windscreen and collapsed onto the road.

Niles rose to his feet and ambled into the road to drag the thief to safety. He bent and removed his helmet. “You’re under —” that annoying hairdryer on full blast noise deafened the ears.

Another two mopeds were angling straight for him.

Nile’s decked his man, leaving him sleeping in the road. He straightened as the mopeds reached him and snapped back from a kick in the stomach.

The moped riders raced around some parked cars and headed back.

Niles had staggered to the railings overlooking the river. He realised he was in a surviving game now. The plan had been to ensnare and stop some of the moped thieves ravaging the city and now they might kill him.

The riders mounted the pavement, one baring a long kitchen knife.

Niles sounded like a bull breathing through his nose. He ducked the flailing fist of the first one and seized the knife wrist of the second. It slashed a hole in his t-shirt. He never noticed the blood oozing from his arm as he tore the rider from his moped. It smashed into a streetlamp as the two men brawled.

The rider swore in an unknown language as he wrestled for his knife. He lashed out with his free arm.

Niles defended strongly with sweat beading his forehead. He couldn’t avoid one punch which shattered his glasses.

“Haha, you blind. Now I got you!” jeered the rider.

Niles roared in pain as he tore his broken glasses from his bleeding face. Seeing the rider coming, he caught his collar and delivered a sickening headbutt. The knife clattered harmlessly into the gutter. Never stopping, he landed two swift nose flattening punches, bounced his man, helmet first, off the railing and swore. The impact had sent him somersaulting into the river.

The second rider had dismounted and was approaching with furious steps. Fists up like a boxer, he was prattling in a foreign language.

“I no speak whatever the hell you just said!” Nile’s said his arms by his sides in a defenceless pose. The knife wound oozing blood off his fingers to the pavement.

“You, bleed like a fat stuck pig. I slaughter you like one too.” The rider ended his words with a sneering laugh.

“Now, I understand. The time for talking is over, time to stop you being a thieving prick!” Niles beckoned as a van drove passed.

It was then the first rider leapt on him.

“You never learn!” Niles caught and cracked his already bleeding nose with a meaty fist. Letting go he watched the crosseyed rider fall backwards and lay still.

The third rider had lunged, hurling himself at the big man.

Niles; chest took a thump from the shoulder charge. Off-balance, he stumbled and crashed into the back of a car.

The rider kicked out at him shattering a light cluster.

Niles flipped up his visor and poked his eyes.

Screaming, the rider backed away and came again. His foot splintering the number plate.

 Niles seized him by the groin and throat. With surprising strength, the big man hoisted the rider above his head with an angry roar. He looked like a barbarian with blood oozing from his face and arm. “I hate thieves!” he roared as he dropped and twisted his man, body-slamming him through the back windscreen of the car. At that moment the air was filled with approaching sirens.

Nile’s took a moment to catch his breath. He hauled the man from the back of the car and dumped him on the ground beside his buddy. “Don’t get up. You’re both under arrest.”

“Looks like you had fun, Sergeant Murphy,” said a policewoman approaching.

“I did, thank you, Constable Staley,” remarked Niles. “There’s one guy on his way to the North Sea. I accidentally dropped him in the river. These two didn’t like being caught much either. I think they’ll be surviving their injuries long enough to go to prison.”

“So, I see.” Constable Staley took his arm and examined the knife wound as other. “You’ll need stitches.”

“And a drink for every punch and kick I laid on these two. The sacrifice was well worth it for making our city a bit safer.”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs. There’s also poetry here in Poetry Corner

Have a great day!

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