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A Soupçon of Poetry

This poem was written in answer to The Word of the Day Challenge :

Soupçon means: A very small quantity of something.

Here’s what I came up with…

A Soupçon of Poetry

Why is it people always want a lot

I wished they’d be happy with soupçon amount

Happy with a what?

A modicum, a dollop, a modest account

Fragments are better than nothing at all

You should always be grateful for what you own

Even if it something so very small

With a little work, those tiny grains can be grown

So, you see a soupçon of something

However minuscule it might be

Is far better than nothing

It’ll grow to be grander, you’ll see

So, to prove a point here are soupçons of a sentence. Rearrange the fragments and make something of a grander phrase. Feel free to share the answer in the comments

the / likely / small / If / ones / to / the / things, / appreciate / you / you’re / get / big

Jonas Eriksson

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories and poems to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 and Poetry Corner tabs.

Have a great day!


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