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Kitchen Catastrophe

This story was written for Pensitivity 101’s Three Things Challenge #333

Today’s threes Prompt’s are: Pop, Mixer, Garnish,

I came up with a bit of fun for you today …

Kitchen Catastrophe

Head Chef Tim O’Brian was carefully finishing some mushroom risotto’s in a pan upon the stove. The extractor whirred above his head as steaks and sausages sizzled on the chargrill and chips burbled in the deep fryer.

“We’re doing well, team. keep it up!” he called as he moved to serve the risotto.

“Thanks, Chef. Three crab and apple starters ready.” replied commis chef Lucia putting the plates on the pass for inspection.

“Beautiful, thank you,” Tim added a little cheese and dill to each risotto and put them up as waitress Karolina came in to collect her dishes.

“Everything looks great team,” she said in her clipped Polish voice.

“It better be, we don’t want old Tim detonating over a misplaced lettuce leaf.” Joked kitchen porter Harry.

“I’ll go all tsunami-like and drown you in your washing up sink in a minute.” Tim retaliated with a grin. The two loved a bit of banter at work. “On order, two workhouse burgers, one no tomato, one wolffish and chips, and two smothered chicken!”

“Yes, chef!” chorused the team.

“The last ticket of steaks and fish are ready, chef.” added sous chef Felicity looking sharp with her perma-tanned complexion.

“Thank you!” Tim accepted the plates and put them up for service as Waitress Katie came in with her skeleton earrings sashaying above her shoulders. She trayed her food and left. As the door swung shut behind her Lucia engaged the big food mixer to prepare some fresh tartare sauce.

“Noisy bug…” Harry swallowed retort as a loud pop issued from the wall by his ear. He turned in time to see the power supply for the extractor system fizzing with little sparks and tiny flames. “Oh —” was all he managed before it detonated with a blue flash and a second loud pop. The lights went out, the mixer shut off and —

“Shit! I just dropped my bowl of garnish all over the floor.” Tim removed his hat and hurled it across the room in his annoyance.

“Service! Floor to table three, please!” said Harry as the emergency lights flicked on turning the stainless-steel kitchen an odd shade of blue.

“What the hell happened?” Felicity grumbled holding her head.

“Wasn’t me.” Lucia put in as she reached the sous chef.

“No, the extractor system threw a wobbly,” Harry reported.

“Are you okay?” Lucia asked Felicity.

“I was under the unit getting trays when the light went out and I hit my head,” Felicity replied in a daze.

“Right, Lu. Please take Felicity into the staff lounge. Sit her down and make sure she’s alright, will you.”

“Of course, chef.” Lucia put an arm around Felicity and led her out the staff door.

Tim crossed the kitchen and switched the gas off ensuring everything was safe. “Harry…”

The restaurant door opened filling the room with a little light as only the kitchen power was off. “Hey, guys. What happened?” Head Waitress Holly asked with a mix of curiosity and concern on her face.

“The extractor went pop, the mixer died with the lights, and the garnish hit the floor,” Harry said with a grin. His way to deal with any situation was to laugh at it first, deal with the unit later.

“Marvellous.” Holly put her hands on her hips and approached the still smoking extractor control box. “I think this is toast.”

“That’s putting it politely.” Tim joined her. “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we can’t finish dinner service like this.”

Holly nodded and sighed. “Nope, we can’t. Not until we have an electrician fix this fry-up!” she patted his shoulder. “Not to worry. I’ll take care of the guests, close us up for the night, and have Carrie call in a repairman.”

“Thanks. We’ll clean down in here as best we can. I better see if I can run some power from elsewhere to save the fridges too.”

“Good idea.” Holly gave him an appreciative smile and dashed out to deal with the situation from her end.

“Well,” said Tim feeling exasperated. “That’s the first time I ended service with a pop, a powerless mixer and flying garnish!”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs. There’s also poetry here in Poetry Corner

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Catastrophe

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  1. Very entertaining, Mason. Your knowledge and confidence in a kitchen shows up well here. I enjoyed reading about the food preparation and chaos associated with running a restaurant. Personally, my cooking skills are non-existent. A toasted cheese sandwich is stretching the limit of my ability! LOL!!


    1. Aww, nothing wrong with a toasted cheese sandwich.

      I do love racing around the kitchen cooking great food. I’ve always been in there since the age of three when my mother and grandmother had me baking cakes.

      The extractor exploding here. happened to me when cheffing at the hotel restaurant I worked for. It was rather scary lol


    1. A kitchen of organised pace at grand prix speed is either a fun place to be or a total nightmare. I used to thrive in these conditions – solving issues on the fly and sending out great food as fast as I could get it on the plate.

      Thank you, Fleur.


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