A Duet of Delight

A pair of wonderful pieces to delight your senses from Author Ashlie Harris

First up; a truly mysterious end to a weird night in bed.

Connie’s Slip

The silver comforter covering her body slipped and fell in a crumpled greyish pile, onto the bed. Her red, silk pajamas gleamed in the moonlight, and a thin mist rose from her illuminated skin. She now rested only a few inches from the ceiling, wholly oblivious to the precarious conditions …

Trust me you want to read the whole story — Click here Now!

Our second and last tale from Ashlie today is the most terrifying of all horrors — That of being buried alive!

Buried Alive!

‘My head is pounding. I can barely breathe. I open my eyes, but see nothing but blackness. I try to sit. I cannot budge. Quickly, I begin to realize my worst nightmare has come true – I’ve been buried alive.’

What a horror show! Find out what happens — HERE

Do click those links and read these two wonderful stories. Support Ashlie and she we’ll be forever thankful.

Thank you for reading my friends.

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      1. I have no issues with it. 😊 I just hope it’s not taking too much away from your space and time to write.


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