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Too Much Tea, Coffee and Cocoa

This story was written for Pensitivity 101’s Three Things Challenge #328

Today’s threes Prompt’s are: Tea – Coffee – Cocoa

Here’s what I came up with:

Too Much Tea, Coffee, and Cocoa

Ever decide to go down the store for a few minor things, and wish you hadn’t? This particular day, Adrian did.  

He’d been bored at home and so decided to mosey on down to the convenience store in the next street. Nothing was out of the ordinary, aside from the bearded guy in the white van smoking a spliff if the smell was anything to go by.

Adrian entered the shop, dinging the ceiling bell and catching himself on the security camera as he made it through the glass door.  

“Good Afternoon.” The bored looking shop-assistant at the counter gave a lifeless wave.

“Hallo, not a bad day.” Adrian took a basket and headed down the first aisle. Taking out his list he started scanning the shelves. “Tea, Coffee, Cocoa – how on earth did I run out of all three of those – around the corner there. Ah, I need biscuits. I’ll have bourbons and custard creams to—”

 The bell on the door had chimed. “Get the money out of the till and give it to me!” yelled one of three assailants come in with a sawn-off shotgun in hand. The bearded guy from the van and two others wearing stockings as masks. One laughably had his stockings on like bunny ears.

Adrian, swore under his breath and crept out of view.

“Alright, Oh, no, Please – don’t shoot me.” The assistant cried.

Adrian peered around the shelves and watched him punching his code into the till. “That’s it, give them what they want and they might piss off and leave us alive.”

“Good boy. We want the contents of the safe too!” demanded the guy with the shotgun.

“I-I can’t do that. I don’t have the keys for the office or the safe. S-sorry.” The assistant tipped the till tray into a bag spilling coins everywhere.

“Then get the manager!” the second assailant apparently female brandished a small black machine gun – An UZI if Adrian new the guns from his games well enough.

The assailant aimed into the shelves and fired.

Adrian swallowed a scream as a salvo of bullets thundered into the stores stock. Boxes of cereal split like volcanos. Cans of beans and peas exploded and beers erupted like geysers. Adrian covered his head as the staccato volley tore the shop apart. As the last bullet shattered a light fixture darkening the place a shade, he took a breath.

“Now – get us in that office!” yelled the assailant.

“I er, okay.” The assistant picked up a phone.

Blam! – the lead assailant unleashed a blast of his shotgun annihilating a rack of chocolate bars. “Phone down!”

Adrian looked at himself. “Gah, I didn’t want this much tea, coffee and cocoa!” he groaned realising he was wearing a layer of grains, granules and leaves from the destroyed products.

“I Ahh! Look I gotta phone the manager. NO! Don’t shoot me. He’s not here. He’s the only one with a —

Blam! The shotgun fired again the office door blew open in a hail of splinters.

The third assailant leapt the counter, grabbed the assistant and hurled him into the office. “Where’s the blasted safe?”

Adrian’s eyes roamed to the fire exit. Could he get out alive?”

The UZI wielder hadn’t gone into the office. She sauntered down the middle aisle. “I’ll get us some drinks for later,” she said.  

Adrian gulped and tried to control his breathing. He squeezed himself under a shelf of coffee pods and fell still.

The assailant walked right by him.

He held his breath, listening as she chinked bottles in the chiller cabinet. Then the gun clicked right by his head.

“Well, well. You did come in the store. Frankie thought he saw you,” she said.

“Don’t use my name, woman.” yelled the shotgun wielder.

“It’s alright, darl’ I’ll toy with him a bit and then blow him away.”

Adrian said nothing, his eyes on the front windows. Two police cars had pulled-up outside.

“Argh shit! We got pigs, out the back!” yelled Frankie.

The woman panicked. She unleashed a volley of bullets from her machine gun obliterating the shop windows, and hitting an officer outside. He fell as she turned and ran. Remembering Adrian, she spun and fired at him.

Adrian hurled himself into the aisle with bullets smacking into the shelves all around him and then she was gone out the fire exit with her partners in crime.

“Is everybody alright?” called a police officer running in with his tazer drawn.

Adrian stood up with a hand full of brown granules, black powder and crushed leaves. “Just peachy, would anybody like some tea, coffee or cocoa?”

The End

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs. There’s also poetry here in Poetry Corner

Have a great day!


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