Socially Inept

I think we all feel awkward in society at times. Author Ashlie Harris spells it out well in this poem.

I’ve never been one for routine

And shied away from group activities.

There’s a rigorous social regime,

infringing upon my liberties.

Now, literature abounds

Covering the topics

Of anxiety’s bounds.

We aren’t so worried about optics.

It wasn’t always this way.

There used to be great shame.

We were outcasts and strays.

Who’s to say who’s to blame?

What matters most is making the change.

Written for the #ThreeThingsChallenge #326

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6 thoughts on “Socially Inept

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  1. I always feel awkward too, so I sort of act stupid on purpose, shuffling here, shuffling there, weird intonations.. Why I don’t know because it doesn’t help my situation. I wish I were one of those elegant calm, cool, and collected women but I’m not, I’m always running later, confused, angry, immature, and always behind in fashion. If it hasn’t changed by the age I’m at now, I figure it never will.

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