Drunken Verbal’s

This story was written in answer to Fandango’s One Word Challenge. The word I had to use was ‘Verbal’

Verbal means: To use ones words. To make allegation or admission to crime among many definitions.

Here’s what I came up with …

Drunken Verbal’s

Saturday night within the clubland has always been a boiling pot of partying, drunken stupidity, and sparks of wanton violence caused by the most innocuous things.  

Police Sergeant Jimmy Kiang was always on the evening shift and so most Saturdays patrolled the clubs. This evening, like most, the Chinese sergeant was going unseen by the partygoers. He was dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and a leather jacket. It was much easier to catch criminals if they don’t see police enforcement.

Entering the Riverside area of clubs he wandered along the two rows of neon-lit clubs, the bowling alley and cinema. His team were reporting in as ‘all clear’ in his ear. Jimmy’s eyes were on a swivel, he scanned the crowds of young women and men for trouble. Despite the low temperatures, many of the females had on the skimpiest skirts and dresses. Even the males all seemed to have on short sleeves. Jimmy was cold in his jacket he couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t hypothermic.

“HEY! Yer ‘urt her ya did!”

Jimmy snapped his head to the bridge in time to see a suit-wearing man throw a punch at a much younger fellow wearing jeans.

“Yer – hit ma laydee!” he slurred.

“You stupid, drunken lout. I did nothing to anyone!” the younger man took another punch to the bicep and fended his attacker off with a shove in the chest.

“Ah’ll kill ya!” the suited guy threw an off-balance kick.

Jimmy seized his flailing foot and backed him off. “Enough! You will calm down now!”

“You wanna piece-a-me too, doo ya!” the man swung for Jimmy.

“I’m warning you to calm down!” Jimmy ducked and pulled his arm behind his back. The man was so drunk, he could barely stand under his own power.

The fight was drawing a crowd of revellers. They all began yelling verbal abuse and jeering. This situation was getting dangerous.

“Guys, I need backup at the bridge,” Jimmy said knowing his radio was on an open channel.

“Roger that, we’re heading your way.”

“Lemme go!” the drunk lunged and twisted trying to break free. “I gotta kill ‘im!’

“Sorry, sir. Can’t do that.” Jimmy manhandled him to the nearest wall and forced him down into a sitting position. Looking for the apparent victim, he saw the young man in the arms of a curvaceous girl who was kissing like a lovesick anaconda. “You – don’t go anywhere. I’m a police sergeant and I need to speak with you.”

“Fine! I want him done for assault,” he replied having freed himself from his lover. Approaching, he revealed a bruised arm. “I never touched anyone either!”

“Ee, hurt my laydee.” The drunk’s voice cracked as he became upset and threw a kick.

“Do that again and you get arrested for drunken disorder and assault.

“But ee started et.”

“No, I …” the young man let rip with a verbal tirade of curses. “… Now shut your mouth!”

“Enough! Both of you are making verbal allegations. You will both get to make statements and the case will be investigated accordingly.” Jimmy breathed a sigh of relief and two officers wearing full police uniform and yellow safety jackets, ran over the bridge to assist him.

“I ‘ate yer bleedin lot!” said the drunk.

“Whatever. Get up!” Jimmy hoisted him to his feet. “Constable Barker, drunk tank for this one. We’ll interview him when he’s sober in the morning.”

“Roger that.” Barker handcuffed the drunk. “Move!” he ordered as he shouldered him back toward the bridge ending the incident.

As with most drunken brawls, It was all verbal’s and nothing else. The drunk couldn’t even remember having a lady-friend; when he sobered in the morning. His younger victim decided not to press charges and so Sergeant Jimmy Kiang released him on a good behaviour warning.

Don’t get verbally abusive. Use your nouns, verbs and adjectives to settle disputes in calm friendly ways.

The End.

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories and Short Stories 2 tabs.

Have a great day!

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  1. A nice, tight story, Mason. Well done. It reminds me of a friend of mine who was a street cop in a big city many years ago. Oh, the stories he had to tell!! I really liked this one. Good job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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