Paranormal Museum

This story was written in answer to Fandango’s One Word Challenge. The word I had to use was ‘Paranormal’

Paranormal means: Denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

A while a go I wrote about Natalie and Larry a pair of paranormal investigators. Read the original story Ghost Trapped and then join them Today as they return with a chilling new investigation.

Paranormal Museum

Well, it looks like you’ve brought me to another scary pile of bricks, Larry.” Natalie Dawson gazed out of her window at the old tile-roofed warehouse. A few weeds grew here and there and the single roller shutter was suffering from rust. Even from here, she could feel a presence inside. “What’s the story?”

“Not too friendly looking is it?” Larry clicked on the handbrake and looked at the building beyond his wife. The two were skilled paranormal investigators, with their assortment of gear, Natalie’s mediumship, and their combine fearlessness; they’d answer emergency calls from the residents and police of the city and see what could be done when ghosts caused trouble.

“Not at all.” Natalie opened the door letting the cool night air into the car.

“This building was a shoe factory for over a hundred years. It was abandoned when the company went under in the 80s. For the last five years its been the home of the Classic Car Museum.”

“Ooh, can we drive the Lamborghini’s then?” Natalie grinned; she loved an Italian stallion with a big engine.

“Maybe later, darling. For now, the owner Nigel Gregson has had a series of employees quit because of unseen forces terrorising them.”  

“Naughty ghosties. We better go and have a word.” Natalie grinned and climbed from the car.

The two spent a minute collecting their gadgets, cameras and head torches from the boot. Having ensured all the batteries were good they approached the building and a gentleman in a smart suit awaiting them.

“Good evening, Nigel.” Larry shook his hand. The two had talked here this morning, whilst Natalie was doing her day job as a hairstylist.       

“Thank you for coming back, Larry. Nice to meet you, Natalie.” Nigel indicated his building. “I hope you can do something in there. The employees —”

Natalie stalled him with a raised hand. “Please, let me discover what happens for myself. It works better if I have no prior knowledge.”  

“Very well. The building is yours. You know where the lights and everything is, Larry. I’ll be in my car over there if you need me.” Nigel opened the door revealing a dark interior. “

“Thanks – let do this.” Natalie flicked her torch on, took out an advanced EMF Meter, inhaled a calming breath, and entered the building first. The meter gave her both temperature and electromagnetic frequency levels on a display and with colour changing LEDs.

“I got the Ovilus going,” Larry said entering behind her. His device allowed spirits to communicate via a preloaded dictionary of words or directly through white noise depending on the setting. For now, he was using a quiet dictionary mode. “Good evening, Spirits. Natalie and Larry have come to speak with you. Come forward and introduce yourselves.”

The couple walked through the silent lobby. The wood-clad walls here were adorned with many car badges, and display cases of model cars.

Natalie felt her body tingling – she knew they weren’t alone. She indicated a tall glass display. Inside a small red Triumph sports car turned to face them as they passed by. “Very clever, what’s your name?” she asked.

“Do you sense anything?” Larry asked. His device doing nothing for now.

“We have fluctuating fields according to the meter. I have a small shadow with us. It seems scared and won’t reveal itself or talk to me for now.” Natalie took a breath a spidery feeling over her skin chilled and made her shiver. “We’re friends. Let us help you.”

“Let’s go into the main museum.” Larry screeched open the sliding door revealing a sea of cars glittering in the torchlight.

Natalie beamed as she looked over Jaguars, AC Roadsters, vintage Ferraris, and much more. “Wow! Look at all these beautiful —”


“That was something hitting metal over there.” Larry indicated away to the right over a pristine bronze painted 24HP Sunbeam carriage car.  

Natalie nodded and headed that way. “There’s a new presence here and he’s mad. I can’t work out if he’s from the shoe factory or something else for now.” The EMF Meter’s lights began flashing in her hand. The air temperature dropped rapidly until her breath was visible.

“Thanks for the cold welcome, friend. Who are you?” Larry shuddered as he switched on the loud crackling notes of the Ovilus white noise mode. A response came almost once.


“It said ‘leave’ over two sweeps of the frequencies there.” Natalie took a breath as the air around her seemed to fill with eyes which bored into her soul and try to terrify her. “We’re going nowhere! You’re not going to scare the employees anymore!”

“What’s your name?” Larry asked again.

‘I R—— J—Ki-ll-ed me.’

“We didn’t catch all of that. Who killed you?” Natalie passed a row of brightly coloured VW Beetles and a stunning classic Porsche. “I don’t see anything about the shoe factory being shown to me here. The younger spirit in the foyer may be from that period. This angry man hasn’t been here lo—” Natalie shrieked and dropped to her knee.

“What happened?” Larry ran to her side.


“Ow! That hurt you meanie. We told you we’re staying. You will stop attacking people. Now, who are you?” Natalie called as she stood again holding a small chrome hubcap. “He hit me with this.”

“He has good taste. That’ll come from a very nice sports car, I reckon. You okay?”

I’m de-ad.’ the voice sounded sad over the Ovilus now.

“I was talking to my wife. Don’t you dare hurt her again!” Larry replied. “Tell us about you. Let us help you instead of attack—”

A metallic crack and a cry of pain erupted out of the eerie silence.

Natalie heard her husband groan and watched him collapse to the floor. She made it one step when both their torches flickered out. The air had become suffocating warm, she was struggling to breathe as she dropped beside Larry. “You – turn our lights back on, now! Larry, are you okay?”

“Argh! He hit me with …” The lights flicked back on. “… Ah, thanks for the lights, pal.” Larry sat with a groan and picked up a black number plate with white letters. “Why’d you brain me with this, huh?”

The Ovilus cracked and a violent curse seemed to come from it.

“What’s the betting, the hubcap and this are from the same car.” Natalie put her hand on the number plate, it was freezing cols, and she stiffened. Her vision was filled with white light. It cleared revealing a little red Triumph spitfire. She saw it was on a jack with a man working beneath. Another man in overalls approached and dropped the jack crushing the man under the chassis.


“What … I er—” Natalie realised she was lying, shivering on the floor. Climbing to her feet she scanned the room. “There!” she said running between more classic cars.

“What did you see?” Larry called as he followed her. He’d put the Ovilus away and taken out an SLS Camera. It would show him ghosts by way of stick figures as well as thermal image views. He was sweating and unnerved, his eyes flicking all over the building.

Natalie arrived by the side of a red Triumph Spitfire. “The young spirit in the foyer moved the little car as a clue. Our angry spirit was murdered when somebody dropped this car on his head while he was working beneath it.”

“No wonder he’s pissed off then.” Larry began scanning the camera over the car; filling it with a field of tiny laser dots.

Natalie nodded having placed her hands on the bonnet of the car. Sadness welled within her. She let out a sob as tears pricked her eyes and dropped onto the red paint-work. “I see your wife and children I’m so sorry you were killed and lost them like that, sweetheart. Thank you, for showing me what happened to you. I promise to do all I can to bring your attacker to justice.”

“I see him.” Larry indicated his screen.

Natalie came beside him and saw a humanoid stick figure sitting in the driver’s seat. “You love this car don’t y-ahh!” a wall of energy shot threw her and the car’s engine sprang to life with a roar and a burble.

“Yes, enjoy your magnificent car and then go to the light,” Larry ordered.

The Spitfire’s lights were flashing on and off as it revved.

Natalie watched the steering wheel turning. “Larry’s right. Your family will be waiting for you on the other side of the white light. Go now and be happy.”

The Spitfire’s engine roared as if the accelerator was pressed to the floor.

“Please —”

Silence fell – the engine went off and the lights were extinguished.

“I don’t feel him,” Natalie said wiping her eyes.

“He’s gone.” Larry hugged her, “That was exhilarating.”

“Sure was.” Natalie turned and smiled into the darkness. “Hey, little man. The angry one’s gone. You’re safe now. You can go to the light and be with your family too if you like. I know you can see it.”

Larry’s SLS camera indicated a small figure back by the foyer door. “Thank you for guiding us,” he said as his hair stood on end. All around him, every car’s headlight’s flashed three times and then darkness fell.

Footsteps came running into the museum. “I saw all the lights flash in the windows. What’s happening?” asked Nigel looking spooked.

“Your problems are over. We found and helped your spirits pass on. The owner of this Spitfire was murdered. I’ll come back tomorrow to help research and get him justice.” Natalie said.

“Thank you, both. I know the owner was called Roger. He did die in a car accident. “

“It wasn’t an accident.” Natalie led the way outside with the determination to find the whole truth for the spirit.

By the end of the week, a man called Joshua was in custody for the murder of his employer Roger the previous owner of that Triumph Spitfire.

The End

Thanks for reading my friends. As always there are more stories to be enjoyed (I hope) in the Short Stories tab.

Have a great day!

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