Victoria Sandwich Cake.

This a repost of sorts for Fandango’s Dog Days of August #10
Prompt ‘Your Favourite food.’

All the pictures of the cakes are of the recipe below as baked by myself.

One of the greatest joys for me, and indeed DCI Derek Ward, Holly’s grandfather in my failed mystery series, is a delightfully, light and fluffy, Victoria sandwich cake. Served with jam and buttercream, or fresh cream, strawberries and raspberries, or even a delightful chocolate version is simply sublime.

There are many recipes for this humble two tiered cake. This particular one has been in the family for generations. Each generation added its own little tweaks and modifications, to ensure the lightest fluffiest cake.

My little tweak is in adding slightly more margarine/butter than normal. I love that buttery taste to my cake, and this guarantee’s that. This a versatile recipe, so feel free to add in any flavourings you like, I detailed some variations with my recipe sheet below to guide you. Most importantly have fun and enjoy.

I’ve done the 8oz/227g variety here. Simply measure your tins to change it to suit. If using a six inch tin for example, then use 6oz/170g weights for the ingredients to ensure a good sized rise for your cake.

Any questions about this recipe, or indeed any other on the site. Do use the contact me section to ask away. Holly and I wish you happy baking, friends.

Find more recipes within the Food and Cocktail Recipes page.

Have a great day.

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    1. Thanks, Mister Bump. My first profession is as a chef. I’ve been baking since I could reach the counter standing on a chair too. My grandmother and mother both insisted in the best home cooked meals and so I followed suit.

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      1. A pleasure to properly meet you, Pete. You detect well, in Norfolk close to Norwich. I’ve been through Salisbury dozens of times on my way camping in Devon and Cornwall. I always have to stop and drink in the magic of Stonehenge on the way through.

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      2. Norwich is a special place. It has all you need, lots of lovely history and a pretty river all while being reasonably quiet. The Norfolk Broads and coast are stunning too. I’m very lucky to live here.

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