Love on the Boardwalk

My good friend and fellow Author Ashlie Harris is writing again. Join her at website to enjoy her latest romantic tale – Love on the Boardwalk.

Today’sFandango’s Dog Days of August#4 “Lost Love”

He’d been so handsome in his Navy uniform. The crisp, white hat and tight-fitting outfit were in sharp contrast to his dark, tanned skin. Beneath a crewcut of thick, brown hair, his blue-green eyes captivated all who looked upon them. He was a stud, and he knew it. I’d first spotted him strutting along the boardwalk with another, taller man, though by their resemblance, I could tell they must be brothers. They’d been laughing at some joke the shorter brother had told, and neither of them had paid any attention to me. To be fair, I was walking onto the military base with my husband and had always been the shy sort, anyway.

Bernie and I had just recently gotten married. It’d been a whirlwind romance and, when he told me he was joining the Air Force and proposed, I felt as…

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