The Positivity Kitchen

A collection of
recipes, photography and short stories,
blended together to
brighten your day.

I’m a little sad that I’m not able to announce the arrival of one of sleuth Holly’s mysteries. However, I’m proud to present to you, my Positivity Kitchen.

So, welcome to the Positivity kitchen. The aim of this book is to help you banish the negativity, and promote your positivity through creativity. Inside you will find simple and delicious recipes, and cocktails, for all occasions. Each designed to be easy to make, and comforting to eat. Within those, you will find a collection of nature photography, with feel-good messages and a selection of short stories to brighten your day. This book proves I can do it, and I hope it’ll help you do it too.

So if you love my photography on Instagram, and my short stories and recipes here on Holly’s website. Head over to Amazon and invest in a copy of the Positivity Kitchen now.

Thank you for reading my friends.

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