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Tranquillity Lake.

Presenting my 750 word challenge story for the above picture taken by James Wheeler, a photographer from Canada. This challenge was set by Miranda Kate, who increased the challenge by asking me to do it, only with dialogue. Those who know me, are aware that dialogue is my worst thing in writing. I had a go though.

Please find Miranda on twitter @PurpleQueenNL The challenge is part of her #midweekflash game on Facebook, and the link is below the story. Enjoy. Tranquillity Lake.

Tranquillity Lake

“Come on, Sarah. Get out of the car.”

“Why? Where’re we going, Pete?”

“This way. Come, see whats through these trees.”

“But, it’s dark and spooky, here.”

“It’s okay, Sarah, trust me. We’re not going far.”

“I, trust you.”

“Great, we’ll cut through here -Watch the log.”

“Thank you, Pete, oh —”

“There see, what do you think of that?”

“Oh, wow — look at all the stars twinkling in the midnight blue sky. Sparkling in the mirror glass of the beautiful lake. Oh, it’s just…”

“As pretty as you are, Sarah.”

“Aw, that was sweet of you, Pete. Look at the moon over the hill. It’s so big, and bright. It’s breathtaking.”

“I used to come fishing here, with my dad. Especially during those times when Mum was in the hospital, we’d use the majesty of the lake to rest our minds, and pray for her.”

“I remember, those times, you’d come to school, so upset. Your classmates would laugh at you.”

“But you didn’t, Sarah, you were always there for me. I’ll never forget you, for the way you held and comforted me as you did.”

“Don’t forget, I got detention, for slapping that Griffith, for teasing you.”

“Oh yeah, ha- Boy, did I want to do that myself. Seriously though Sarah, thank you so much for looking after me.”

“You never got it, did you?”

“What? Come on will go and sit at the end of the jetty.”

“Okay, but there’s a lantern out there. Somebody might already be sitting there.”

“No, it’s okay. What didn’t I get?”

“I wasn’t just caring for you, in high school, as your friend. I loved you.”

“Then I guess, I was a typical blind boy. They’ve recently repainted all of this. The duckboards were all mouldy looking. Now, they’re all pristine, and white.”

“It’s really pretty. I don’t think, you were blind, just lost, in your own woes. Maybe even, not looking for anything. I still don’t, think you’re looking for anything.”

Maybe, I’m not. I am loving being here with you tonight, though.”

“Look, see. There’s a picnic blanket, lantern, and basket, out here. I knew people were already here.”

“Yeah, have a sit-down, Sarah. Let’s, enjoy our time, in this magical place.”

“Wait, Pete, you came, and put this here for us?”

“I did, here, sit.”

“Wow, thank you – Hmm, I could sit here all night.”

“Me too, wine?”

“Naughty, trying to get me drunk. However, you did get my favourite pinot grigio – So, yes please.”

“Great, here you are.”

“Cheers, Pete. You’re a special one you know.”

“Not more special, than you, Sarah. My dad, and I, would sit side by side on here, fishing away until we couldn’t see any more in the darkness. Then finally we’d go home.”

“I’d sit in my bedroom, those days, looking out at the moon, like this. Wondering, if you could see it, wondering, if you were okay.”

“I was never okay, back then, unless, I was with you. I only felt calm, when you held me, like the true friend you are.”

“That’s, comforting to know. Are they bats, flying over the water?”

“It is. There’s an old shack, the other side of the lake, they roost inside.”

“Wow, that’s incredible.”

“What’s incredible, is that I finally realised why your pretty, emerald eyes, make my heart skip a beat. Why, when I touch your, glossy chestnut hair, I feel electricity invigorating my essence, and why when you smile, my soul fills with happiness.”

“Pete, stop it. You’re making me blush?”

“Sarah, I know now. You’re so beautiful in every way. That’s why I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”

“What… I…”

“Shush, it okay. I don’t want to be your friend, for I love you. I…

“… Hmm, Pete, I’ve been waiting for you to say that, to kiss me, like that, for years.”

“I know, I realised, I’d been wanting you, all these years too, Sarah. I’m sorry, I kept you waiting, for me.”

“You’re worth the wait to me, sweetheart, I…”

“…Wow, darling, kissing you in this magical place, makes a Duracell feel powerless. I feel…”

“…  I know, I feel it too. What will we do, from here?”

“Well, I have chocolate covered strawberries.”

“Yum… Ha silly, I meant when we leave here.”

“I know, sorry Sarah, I thought, we’d do some more kissing. Find a nest to live in, get married, kiss a bit more, have children, kiss again, and…”

“That sounds magical. Come here, Pete…”

The End

I hope you enjoyed reading my little love story. Do you have a story for this weeks picture? If so go take a look a the Finding Clarity and this weeks Midweek flash challenge here.

Thanks for reading my friends.


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  1. Thank you, Gill. I was challenged to do it, using just dialogue. I never turn down a challenge and so this is the outcome.


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