Hunter Hunted

A #MenageMonday, 250 word flash story for the above picture by Zhong Fenghua. Enjoy!

Hunter Hunted

The clearing was full of light, despite it being past midnight. The stars twinkled from above, the fire crackled, glowing from below. Eyrie loved it that way. She was home in the woods, humans thought the Elf-kind were gone, they were simply hiding among them. Alone in the woods, she allowed her ears to point, the green of her eyes to glow, with the chlorophyll in her veins. This had been a day to remember, Birchell had permitted her to act.

The gunshot, the shriek of a deer in pain, was like the starting gun at the Olympics. Eyrie leapt from the fireside and whipped into the trees. She bounded along a fallen log, jumping onto a vine. It swung her between two oaks before she went into a roll. Her golden hair flared, she soundlessly cartwheeled through the leaf litter, her eyes found her target. A deer hunter, killing Mother natures creatures. Eyrie hated him on sight.

The hunter had already killed one deer, he was lining up another. He took a deep breath, the bloodlust pounding within him. He feathered the trigger and screamed in pain. An obsidian dagger exploded through his shoulder.
“Hunter, you shall kill no more.” Eyrie took the gun, broke with ease. “Tell your kin, anyone caught killing animals for sport, shall be put to death.” Eyrie withdrew her dagger and disappeared into the trees. From that night on hunters would become an endangered species. For the hunters had become the hunted.

Thanks for reading.

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